"Love Labo" 
TACMINA CORPORATION's LAB 2 completion commemoration artwork

How do we design the 8-meter high wall?

Since this is made of steel, in a complicated Möbius-like shape, we utilized deployment technology fully.

Monument outline & design

To produce a more attractive space at the new research lab ""LAB2,"" to support further development of the precision pump leading company TACMINA Corporation, the artist K.Kough was asked to design a monument for the entry hall's wall. The problem was how to design the massive wall, with a height of 8 meters. The artist K. Kough made repeated designs and models, consulting with the collaborator Monument Factory Hokkai many times, and finally the final design was completed. With the approval of the client, this new research facility realized a more attractive space with the support of TACMINA Corporation, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd., the construction & design company.

Monument outline & design

Photo at upper left: Meeting to check various design models.
Photo at lower left: Discussing the monument's position and how it looks when it was still steel-frame at the actual site.
Photo at upper right: Final model is being scanned and analyzed.
Photo at middle right: Making a drawing with 3DCAD and discussing production at the factory.
Photo at lower right: Checking the mounting dimensions for the building skeletal frame which is under construction.

Monument's outline, production & installation

Once the monument shape was determined, we held discussions about how to set the fence at the factory, make 3D drawings, and deploy the monument. At each step, the artist repeatedly checked the work to complete the shape and finish without compromise. Since this is made of steel, in a complicated, Möbius-style shape, we made full use of deployment technology. Also, the delivery and installation schedule was really tight, because we had to wait until the building itself was finished. So we carried the monument by hand, assembled scaffolds, and carefully installed the finished monument on the wall, taking care not to damage the new building.

Monument's outline, production & installation

Photo at upper left: Checking the monument at each production step (painting)
Photo at upper right: Checking the monument at each production step (assembling)
Photo at lower left: Installation after the building is finished (protection of the building, and setting the scaffold)
Photo at lower right: Installing after the building is finished (carrying the monument into the building)

Monument unveiling ceremony

July 11th, 2017
In a solemn atmosphere, the new research lab building's completion ceremony and monument unveiling were held.

The two rings designed under the Möbius theme express circulation, and the monument casts a heart-shaped shadow.
The human pump, the heart, also signifies love. So this monument express love toward creation.


TACMINA Fluid Solution Lab. II
Entrance Monument "Love Labo"

Made of stainless steel
Vibration polishing & painting
2300 x 1800 x 800
300 kg

To make the monument

To create a suitable shape for the wall in the entrance hall of TACMINA's fluid solution lab. II, I made many maquettes until we settled on the final shape. Hokkai Iron Works Co., Ltd.
consulted me many times concerning structural problems and the production schedule.
They supported me with their processing techniques to create a beautiful shape, and know-how for installing the 300 kg weight artwork onto the wall, which are not available from other companies. Because of such support, I was able to create this wonderful monument. I truly appreciate their work.

Nobuhiko Yamada, President of TACMINA Corporation
TACMINA asked the designer K. Kough to express our ambition "Breaking stereotypes in the past and today, we challenge the unlimited and unknown possibilities." and she suggested some designs.
The design we chose was the most complicated and difficult to produce. However, the finished monument is even more than we hoped for. We appreciate Hokkai Iron Works Co., Ltd. for their great work. Thank you very much.


K. Kough
Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Majored in Sculpture.
Instructor at Nara College of Arts

Exhibitions (major)
Nokosaremura Art Exhibition (Neighbourhood of Hosokawa, Katsuragawa, Otsu City)
LOCALSHIP PROJECT in SEA LOFT residency (Sealoft/Scotland)
Shelter (Art spot Korin/Kyoto)
Transnational ART exhibition (Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center, Osaka Prefecture/Osaka)
Art salad 9th group exhibition (soho art gallery/Osaka)
Shelter (Art spot Korin/Kyoto)
"Sosen-ten" group exhibition(Osaka Gendai Garo/Osaka)
AOMORI PRINT-TRIENNALE Award-Winning Art Shimane (Takashita Seika Kojo Museum/Shimane)
ACT (the Art Complex center of Tokyo/Tokyo)
Shelter K.Kough solo exhibition (soho art gallery/Osaka)
"101-no-ai-ten" group exhibition (SoHo art gallery/Osaka)
Art salad 6th group exhibition (SoHo art gallery/Osaka)
ai gallery group exhibition (HERBIS PLAZA/Osaka)
Transnational ART exhibition (Osaka Contemporary Art Center/Osaka)
Parks gallery group exhibition (NAMBA PARKS/Osaka)
Duo exhibition (SoHo art gallery/Osaka)
Art salad 5th group exhibition (SoHo art gallery/Osaka)
Colour Dorops group exhibition (CASO/Osaka)
Colour Dorops group exhibition (CASO/Osaka)
Solo exhibition (osoblanco/Osaka)


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