Monument business


At Monument Factory Hokkai,
we shape metal to express
our customers' creative ideas.

We have more than enough capacity to meet customer's needs,
creating landscape related products including monuments and signs.
We can handle every step of the process, from planning, designing, making drawings,
production and providing responsible maintenance for completed works.

Requirements for producing a monument

To produce a monument, there are a number of requirements.
Monument Factory Hokkai has a wealth of experience and know-how,
having made many pieces, and can meet all requirements to bring shape to our customer's ideas.

What only a metal monument can do

  • Various coating methods are available.
  • A variety of metals can be used.
  • In-factory machine production is possible.
  • Resistance to weathering is high.
  • Not flammable
  • Blow molding is possible.
  • Design: Many options for expression
  • Initial cost: Many options to keep down costs
  • Running cost: Maintenance costs can be saved.
  • Regulations: Both indoor and outdoor monuments comply with Fire Service Act standards.
  • Weight: Load capacity is met. It can be set by hanging.

What only Monument Factory Hokkai can do

  • Bending materials with a large press machine.
  • Advanced 3D bending process techniques.
  • Production design can be optimized at our company.
  • Has a strong connection with several major material manufacturers, including JFE Group.
  • Had completed many works, including for a famous theme park, major commercial facility, and collaboration with a famous creator.
  • Large monument: Order is acceptable.
  • Production based on design: Spherical figures, which are difficult to produce, can be made.
  • Budget request: Keeping material costs down is possible.
  • Problem solving: Have many ideas and know-how through our rich experience.

We can make large monuments at our factory.

Through our integrated manufacturing system, we can control quality including our product strength, and reduce costs.
Using the Hokkai Group's know-how, which is the top class manufacturer of pressure container's paneling, our 3D bending processing, including processing spherical figures, is so precise that other companies simply can't compete.
With our various machines including a large press machine, the Hokkai Group boasts craftsmen with superb technique who can create beautiful pieces without compromise.

Making safe and secure products for park facilities

Hokkai Iron Works Co., Ltd., which runs Monument Factory Hokkai,
is a member of the Japan Park Facilities Association" and an SPL-authorized company.
Companies permitted to display the SPL mark are those which design, produce, sell, construct, inspect,
or repair products and have been authorized after screening by the Japan Park Facilities Association.

The SPL mark shows safety and security at a glance.
The SPL mark shows safety and security at a glance.

National/prefectural-authorized licenses such as construction business license,
and JPFA-authorized license
SPL's authorization
Two park facility safety management officers
Osaka prefectural governor's permission (general-28/special-28) No. 146738


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